Sunday, January 2, 2011

Contest!!! Contest!!!

Since I have begun writing my blog, quite a few people have either written or told me some very funny Carterisms/stories, so I decided it might be fun to have a little contest. And yes there will be a prize! What i'm thinking is this! For anyone who has a funny Carter story or one liner submit it to me, and then i'll post them. Then either as a whole they can be voted on or I might just select a panel of judges. But mostly I would love to hear what you hear from him! I figure i'll keep it open for a few weeks considering this is a new blog and i'm not sure how many people actually read it, but we'll try anyway! The prize will be a $50 dollar gift card to Outback steakhouse and 2 movie tickets. If you are a Vegi and you win we can def. discuss an alternative. So send em' my way!


  1. I don't exactly know where to submit these, so I'll do it here...let me know if you want them elsewhere.

    I have 3. :)

    Story 1:

    I was downstairs at Tracie and Rob's getting my hair cut and colored. Carter, who was probably around 5 at the time was playing downstairs. Tracie and I were in the middle of a conversation when Carter ran into her salon, looked right at me, and said "I'm gonna marry you!" and immediately ran out the door. Single best (and only) proposal I've ever gotten. ;-)

    Story 2:

    Rob and Tracie were out of town and I was babysitting Carter while they were gone. Rob and Tracie lived next door to my family, so to see Carter at our house was not uncommon. Carter was about 5 at the time. Carter and I were over at my house and I was talking to my mom. My mom is very thin, works out frequently, and had a weight machine down in our basement. Carter asked if he could "work out" on my mom's weight equipment. She said yes, but he needed to be very careful with it. Carter looked at her for a minute, and then looked at me. He then patted my belly (which admittedly could do with a few less pounds) and said, "You should work out. You need to lose some of this. You need to be flat and skinny like your mom!" Mom and I died laughing. Nothing like a 5 year old to tell you to drop a couple of pounds. We still laugh about it to this day.

    Story 3:

    I had the chance to work at an extra-curricular school that Carter attended during the fall of this last year (2010). I was working with a boy named Garrett, who was taking a break by playing a game on the internet. Carter, who had just started his break, came in with his teacher Emily. Emily and I talked for a minute and let the boys do their thing. Carter and Garrett talked about the game Garrett was playing. After a few minutes, Emily told Carter he had 4 more minutes of his break. Carter turned to her and said, "But I've been watching Garrett, that doesn't count!" Emily replied, "No Carter, I'm sorry. You chose to use your break by watching Garrett instead of doing something else." Carter turned to Garrett, who was still absorbed in his computer game and hollered in a rather annoyed tone, "Garrett!! You're wasting my time!!" Garrett and I left soon after, and after Carter had gone home, Emily told me that Carter was still upset, and kept saying, "Garrett confused me! I was confused!"

  2. Those are funny!! I've not had the pleasure of meeting Carter (maybe because I've never been out west in my life?), but I could give you some Jayce stories :)

  3. After every crazy thing that comes out of your son's mouth, this one is still my all-time favorite Carter story and never fails to crack me and Trav up.

    We were visiting y'all out in Indy when Carter was probably 2 or 3 and still in his fuzz-eating stage. We had just gotten home from one of Rob's games and Annette had taken the monkey to church. She brought Carter home along with a picture of a bunny rabbit that Carter had made during church. The paper was a line-drawing of a rabbit and completely bare except for a few small strands of cotton dangling from the tail. We kind of looked at the picture questioningly and Annette explained: "The tail used to be covered in cotton balls. But Carter ate them all." I'm sure all those cotton balls came out sometime in his diaper...


  4. I know we don't see you guys very often, but I will never forget him looking up at Eli innocently and asking: "How did you know my name?" in a nervous tone.. It was so funny to me that he didn't recognize Eli, just because he was in his Cop uniform. TOO FUNNY!