Monday, January 24, 2011

another year older!

This is probably the shortest post i'll do, but I don't think it needs a lot of frill with it. :)
Rob asked me a question that had something to do with the year I was born and I answered 1980, Carter was standing next to me and goes "wow mom, you were born in 1980?" I said "yep I sure was." then Carter said, "really, hey mom was Jesus alive then?"
I know i'm getting older.... but really!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I really do try!

Carter has had a little cold the last few days, and we all know what comes with a cold! So this morning on the way to school Carter started blowing his nose into his hand! (sans a kleenex!) Gross, I know! He has been doing this for the last 2 years, thus the reason for keeping lots of hand sanitizer! So like I said he blew his nose into his hand, and for the hundreth time I explained to him that I would really like him to use a tissue and the reason for my request was that everytime he does this it spreads germs to every person and surface he touches. He replied "Oh, I see! Why didn't you tell me that to start with!" I then asked him what he did with the buggers he had just blown onto his hand and he looked quite sheepishly and pointed to his mouth! I said "Carter why in the world did you eat them?!!" He held up his hands in a questioning manner and said "Mom, I don't know why I eat them. I keep trying to stop but it's just sooo hard!" 
I promise I will understand if none of you want to shake my sons hand from this point on! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a free country

As with most mornings it takes an army of people to get Carter ready and out the door on time. We usually have to get his clothes laid out and fix his breakfast and sorta steer him along the way to keep him on course. This morning was no exception, generally we just pick out something for Carter to eat and there is usually no arguments. But today Rob got out his usual which is mini muffins and yogurt and Carter looked at Rob and said the following "You know dad, I don't really like when you pick out my breakfast with out asking me. It makes me feel unappreciated, it's a free country! We should be able to pick out our own breakfast's!"
Rob replied "well if it's a free country i'm gonna throw away all the mini muffins, since I can do what I want." Carter got very flustered at this and answered "No way dad, you can only do it if it's within the law!"
I think we need to sign him up for some constitution law classes! We have a lawyer in the making!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lego Land Here we come!

 Carter has been wanted to go to Lego Land for a long time, and I mean really bad. So the other day Rob told him that if he could earn money for his ticket into Lego Land then he would take him. So that next morning when he woke up the first thing he did was make his bed and clean his room. (before being asked) and also did some other stuff around the house. The next day was sorta the same, got up made his bed and cleaned his play room. I personally was loving this arrangement cause then if I asked him to do something and he said no, then I could say "Well if you cleaned up your toys in the living room, you could earn 2 dollars towards Lego Land". And boom he'd be off!
Little did I know buying a seemingly innocent copy of Lego build magazine, would lead to the ruin of our new found plan for getting Carter to clean stuff up! He was upstairs reading it when he got really excited and tumbled down the stairs! "MOM! Guess what, you are never gonna believe what I have in my hands!" He showed me the magazine and I saw the print out for a "One free child admission to Lego Land (with any paid adult ticket)" Carter was grinning from ear to ear and shaking with the joy of a child who has just realized that his dream of going to valley of milk and honey no longer hinges on wether he has to clean up anymore!  I replied " wow,(somewhat half hearted, I too realized what this means) when dad get's home make sure and show him this. I bet you'll be able to go that much sooner!"
A little while later Rob get's home and basically within minutes Carter has the magazine shoved into his face showing him the ticket. Carter then said "Dad, look in here it say's one free ticket with paid adult ticket! Isn't that so great, we can go now! And I don't have to clean up anymore!!! Oh dad, this is like the greatest day ever!" Rob said "Well I guess we better start planning our trip. It's gonna be pretty cool!"
So moral of my story, I guess this is what happens when you go and teach your kid to read!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How old are you?

As I mention in my last post Paige just had her 2nd birthday. But have you ever noticed that when it's your birthday the first thing some one say's is.... "How old are you?" Well we have been teaching Paige how old she is by holding up our fingers and telling her that's she's two. So yesterday we were playing with the kids Carter was asking how old Paige would be when he was 10 and we would tell him the answer. Then Paige walked in the room and we asked her, "Hey Paigey how old are you?" And she held up 4 fingers and said "Um finners" (i'm fingers"). We started laughing and said "No, Paige... how old are you?" Paige smiled really big looked at us and said "Finners" (fingers). So basically we confused our daughter into thinking that if you hold up your hand and say "Fingers" then your in good shape!

Then tonight Paige and I were sitting in the bed and I asked her once again how old she was and this time she said "Paigey". I laughed and said "no sweetie, how old are you?" She replied "Paaaiiige" Like i was some kind of dummy for not understanding her the first time. So I asked her again. "Paige how old are you?" She answered "Mommy!"
So maybe I need to go over the whole concept of what age is!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In the eye of the beholder!

Yeah! I'm excited to be getting some good Carter stories! We had Paige's 2nd birthday on friday and had all our family over. We were talking about my blog and my brother Jono told me one of his favorite Carter moments, and since he said he never writes comments I figured I'd submit it for him. Carter was in the potty training stage, and he had gone up to my brothers to spend the night with my niece's. Apparently they went to McD's and were playing at the play ground. Jono said Carter disappered for quite some time, and when he came down was walking like he just got off a horse. He then noticed the back side of his pants were hanging pretty low and a very strong odor was wafting from his direction. So he took him to the bathroom to check out the damage. I guess he filled his underwear, to the point that Jono determined that the underwear was unsalvageable and tossed them in the trash! When I came to pick up Carter later that day Jono relayed the story to me, and when I asked Carter about it in the car he looked at me very indignantly and said, "Mommy he actually threw away my underwear, can you believe it!"
I must say being on the end of Carter's many "accident's" I don't blame him at all for tossing those bad boys! I pretty sure Rob has done the same thing a few times too.

Like I said, this weekend was Paige's B-day and she had received some lego's, Carter and her were upstairs playing when I heard a little tussle break out. I went up stairs to investigate when I heard Carter telling Paige in a very adult/scolding tone, "You know you really shouldn't be treating your lego's this way, don't you know these things are very valuable.!" I started laughing and walking into the room and asked Carter what the problem was, he turned to me and said "Paige is up here being very unresponceable, she keeps throwing her lego's!" I replied, " well honey when you were her age you did the same thing." he looked at me and said " Well she shouldn't be treating her valuable toys this way. Doesn't she know anything!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The chosen one.....

This morning on our way to school Carter was telling me about the very spot on the driveway where he slipped and hit his head. And Lamenting about how much he dislikes falling and getting hurt, or just getting hurt in general. He then asked me "hey mom back a really long time ago when you were a little girl, did you ever slip and hit your head?" I answered yes, and told him a couple falling out of tree's and smashing my face on the ground stories which he seemed to thing were quite funny. After he stopped laughing, from listening to a story about when I ran face first into a brick wall he asked. "Mom do you think Jesus ever got hurt when he was a little kid?" I said "sure sweetie, I bet he climbed tree's and ran around with his friends." I looked in the rear view mirror and Carter had the funniest look on his face and said, "Really!! but mom I thought he was the chosen one! He can't get hurt, didn't you know he can walk on water!"
Now really how are you suppose to argue with that. He's got a point!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kiss it!

I know up till now most of the post have been about Carter, but really Paige contributes just as many pearls. The problem is most of hers are mostly inflection and facial, but tonight she gave me one that is very easy to put on paper.
Imagine a very blonde, blue eyed, fair skin, chubby 2 year old and you've got Paige. Poor thing has very sensitive skin and has been struggling with a nasty case of diaper rash. Tonite seemed to be esp. bothersome to her and she kept coming up saying "umm bum herrts" (my bum hurts). As I was putting her to bed she began her long list of things that were hurting her tonite. Actually it's become more of a nite time ritual, more than something actually hurting. Basically it goes like this. She say's "my yegg herrts" (my leg hurts) and then I say "oh no!" and kiss it. So she started off at her face. "umm my neecks herrts"(my cheeks hurts) KISS, "umm amms herrts" (my arms hurt). KISS. then she told me once again that her bum hurt. So I said, "I'm so sorry sweetie, I wish I could make it better" she then looked at me with these beautiful blue eyes and said "KISS IT!" I looked at her and said "what your bum?" to better clarify things. She replied. "YESSS".
Now for all you mothers out there, i'm sure over your years of mothering you have been asked or in most cases as with children, told to do many things. But I can say I haven't heard too many mom's tell me that their 2 year old, told them to kiss their butt!

Wall of Fame???

This evening we were all in the car on our way back from getting dinner and we were talking about Rob's football career and some of the good things that came from it, and Carter said "Well it's too bad, cause dad you were a good player, but you never did get a statue did you? And it's not in the 'Wall' of Fame.... Hey dad it's cause you hurt your leg huh.... if you didn't hurt your leg than you could have got it!" "Well that's ok, I still love you anyway!"
Whenever we do something that doesn't fully live up to what Carter wanted or expected he tells us that he STILL loves us anyways. So I guess as long as he still loves us we are in good shape, despite being the lowly parents that we are.

Monday, January 3, 2011

On the way to school

Rob and I take turns driving Carter to school, and it was my turn today. There has been a ton of traffic on the road we take because of construction, so this morning we had a little more time than usual to chat. And chat we did, or should I say he talked and I listened and wrote down his latest material. I swear a comedian could just follow him around and be set for a life time.
I don't remember exactly how this particular topic came up but Carter blurted out that he thought it would be really cool if there was such a thing as a listening gun. I asked him what it would do, and he replied " you know make someone do something you wanted, make them listen to you! DUH" As a mother I said " well in that case give me 10." He started laughing and said, " why do you need 10?" I told him because you sometimes have a hard time listening to what I ask you to do. He looked at me and said "yeah but if you had one you would never switch it back to not listening mode. You would always make me listen!" He was quite for a minute then said, "On second thought maybe we should just stick with the freeze ray gun." We talked about the pro's and con's of each gun and the he asked me, "Would you use it on daddy and keep it on listen mode too?" I didn't say anything for a minute cause I could tell he was thinking about something, and he answered with a silly grin on his face. "Yep, for daddy you definately would never take it off of listening mode. Cause he NEVER listens!!" (while he roles his eye's and shakes his finger). I have a feeling Rob would rather me stick with a freeze ray also.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Contest!!! Contest!!!

Since I have begun writing my blog, quite a few people have either written or told me some very funny Carterisms/stories, so I decided it might be fun to have a little contest. And yes there will be a prize! What i'm thinking is this! For anyone who has a funny Carter story or one liner submit it to me, and then i'll post them. Then either as a whole they can be voted on or I might just select a panel of judges. But mostly I would love to hear what you hear from him! I figure i'll keep it open for a few weeks considering this is a new blog and i'm not sure how many people actually read it, but we'll try anyway! The prize will be a $50 dollar gift card to Outback steakhouse and 2 movie tickets. If you are a Vegi and you win we can def. discuss an alternative. So send em' my way!