Friday, December 31, 2010

Scooby Dooby-doo

This morning I was down stairs getting some breakfast at our hotel. Carter and savannah came down and joined me and after saying good morning began to tell me about a ghost that was in our room this morning and he said his name was Derek. I just looked at him and wondered if he might be sleepwalking. After we got back to the room I asked rob if he was up earlier and talking to the kids, he didn't have a clue what I was talking about and walked out of the room. Carter sat there for a min. Then started talking to himself and said "well maybe it was some little boy who is trying to scare people away from his town, I'll bet the scooby doo gang will figure it out." Oh if only life was that simple! If the scooby doo gang was there to help solve all our problems!

Doozies from Texas

We decided to go to Texas and surprise robs brother BJ and his family. Btw they had no idea that we were even coming! On the plane ride down there was a pretty bad storm and we were having a lot of turbulence, rob and carter were in the seats in front of me and Paige. As we were about to land it started getting really bumpy! I fouls sorta hear rob laughing in front of me and Carter mumbling a bunch of stuff and rob turned around and tells me, "Carter keeps saying dad when the plane bumps up and down it makes me feel funny. It feels like it's shocking my wiener!"
I do apologize if that offendes anyone but I'm telling u there's never telling what he will say next.

The day after we got there we went to the zoo which btw is awesome Houston zoo rocks! When we left our niece Savannah rode with us and her and Carter were in the back playing police and I picked up a few tid bits. They were laying down the rules for bein a police officer and it goes a little like this. " The thing to being a police is, do not be evil!!! Do not rob banks, and if u see a bad guy run and catch him as fast as u can!"
Those were his exact words, I started writing it down after I heard "don't be evil".

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost there!

I think i've figured out most of the design issues,  it looks a little better anyway!
Carter as always was a wealth of comedic one liners yesterday. He has been building a lego Harry Potter castle that he got for christmas, so most of his comments were all things Harry P., the phone rang and he answered it which I don't really love him doing but he generally gets to it before I do, oh a side note, if any of you call and he answers be prepared to have a conversation with him, cause he won't hand me the phone till he's done telling you whatever is on his mind. Back to what I was saying, I can hear bits and pieces and he's telling whoever it is about his castle, then I hear him saying "Guess what? your never gonna believe who is on the front of the Quibbler!" It's Harry Potter!"......... paused for their reaction. "Hey do you know what a Quibbler is?" He got his answer, then a few hours later I asked him to go clean up his play room and he told  me he didn't feel like it. So I told him I didn't feel like cleaning it either so if I did it the toys were going to be thrown away. And his response was this "Mom i'll do it, but only because I don't what to quibbler with you about it!" Oh I love that child.

After I started my blog yesterday I was looking through my journal for Carterisms and found a classic that is probably mine and Rob's fav. it goes something like this.
We were sitting at the kitchen table one nite eating dinner and we had a guest over. I was asking Carter if he thought there were any cute girls in his class, and he replied yes and told us about a girl he liked. Well our guest thought it was funny and said something to the effect of "Carter are you a ladies man?"... Carter smiled tilted his head and shrugged his shoulders and said "Uhh, I dabble." Then about five mins. later after we all stop dying laughing he turns to Rob and says, "What does dabble mean?"

This is what is classic about Carter he says's things that make sense at the perfect time. But he has no earthly clue what he is talking about.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Be Patient with me

I'm trying really hard to figure out how to make my page look more interesting but being very technically challenged and having no tech support (aka Rob is asleep) it may be a little before I get some pics up and hopefully some funny videos. Till then

I'll explain my blog name!

So having 2 younger children, as most of you know can lead to some very interesting statements, explanations, or just dang funny utterances. For example, it is 8:05 a.m and my son Carter who is 7 just came in looking "wild" eyed and bushy tailed said to me " Mom, the craziest thing happened last night, I was wearing school pants and now, (dramatic pause hands motioning toward p.j. pants) I'm wearing army pants. " (shakes his head and walks away). So there you go, i'm assuming he was referring to a dream he had but really you never know.

Basically my husband and I hear the funniest stuff come out of our kids mouth all day long, and you have to understand, Carter doesn't think like normal kids, he really is on a level so far out of our atmosphere that is deserves to be documented. And now my daughter Paige who is 2 year old is getting in on the action, so this is dedicated to them! Plus people are always asking about my family, so I figured this was a kill 2 birds with one stone situation.

While I'm writing this Carter has come in a couple of times to talk to me about Harry Potter, his main question was " Why is Hermione and Ron in Griffindawn." Notice the spelling of the last word. He thinks it's called Griffindawn.