Monday, January 3, 2011

On the way to school

Rob and I take turns driving Carter to school, and it was my turn today. There has been a ton of traffic on the road we take because of construction, so this morning we had a little more time than usual to chat. And chat we did, or should I say he talked and I listened and wrote down his latest material. I swear a comedian could just follow him around and be set for a life time.
I don't remember exactly how this particular topic came up but Carter blurted out that he thought it would be really cool if there was such a thing as a listening gun. I asked him what it would do, and he replied " you know make someone do something you wanted, make them listen to you! DUH" As a mother I said " well in that case give me 10." He started laughing and said, " why do you need 10?" I told him because you sometimes have a hard time listening to what I ask you to do. He looked at me and said "yeah but if you had one you would never switch it back to not listening mode. You would always make me listen!" He was quite for a minute then said, "On second thought maybe we should just stick with the freeze ray gun." We talked about the pro's and con's of each gun and the he asked me, "Would you use it on daddy and keep it on listen mode too?" I didn't say anything for a minute cause I could tell he was thinking about something, and he answered with a silly grin on his face. "Yep, for daddy you definately would never take it off of listening mode. Cause he NEVER listens!!" (while he roles his eye's and shakes his finger). I have a feeling Rob would rather me stick with a freeze ray also.

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