Saturday, May 28, 2011

Now, Just a little pinch....

Today Whitney and Travis and their 3 kido's came up for a little afternoon picnic and chill time. The kids had been outside for a while and were starting to get tired so we let them come in.... big mistake! The kids were behaving very well so the adults sat down to play a little game of rummy. Paige and Claire had gone into Carter's room and we could hear them argue occasionally, but mostly they were either giggly or quiet. After a little I decided they were too quiet so in I went to check on them. I entered the room to a very strong odor of fish, the girls were using the bottom drawer of Carter's dresser as a stool and both were happily feeding the fish. Now when I say feeding the fish, it was more like "Mr. Fishy would you like a little water to go with your food!" The tank was full of food, swirling everywhere. But they had also managed to get it all over them and the floor and inside the drawers all over Carter's clothes. At this point sweet little Paige looks up and me and say's "Mommy, I feed the Pishy"! So I called for the others to come see their masterpiece. So the girls got dumped into the tub and the fish into a bowl so their tank could be cleaned. Now i'm not sure if one of the fish decided it was a good time to try out the escape move he saw on Finding Nemo, or if the idea of all his food being sucked up into a shop vac pushed him over the edge, but whatever the reason he jumped! Straight out onto the floor. I came in a few mins. later to finish cleaning his room and happened to look into the bowl that was holding the fish and realized that there were only 3 in there. I looked again, yep, only 3, so I began a little search and rescue and saw the missing fish laying on the floor. He looked to me to be dead but I figured I'd stick him back in the water and see if it perked him up a bit. The crazy thing, as soon as I plopped him back in he took off swimming like nothing ever happened, I am a little curious to see which of the fish make it through the night. When Darwin came up with his theory of "Survival of the fittest" I don't think he was factoring in blonde 2 year olds!

A child's prayer

Most nights if Carter gets to bed by his assigned bed time then Rob or I will read to him from the first Harry Potter book. But more often then not  he's been up quite a bit later than he should be, then gets in bed and begins to beg for us to read to him. And since Rob and I are basically pushover's we read. Last night was pretty much the same!! Carter headed to his room keeping up a barrage of "PPPLLLEASE, READ HARRY POTTER!!!!" I promise I'm not even tired! Pleasssssseeee! It doesn't have to be long, just like one page, or even a paragraph!" I told him no, since it was almost an hour past his bedtime, but Rob who was tucking him in whispered that he would read some. After he read to him Rob came out laughing to himself. I asked him what was so funny, he told me that when he was getting up to leave Carter whispered to Rob, "Hey daddy, don't tell mom that we were reading, just tell her that it was just a really long prayer!" I love that at least he tried to cover it up with something like a prayer

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Paige is my little song bird, all day long she is singing whatever song she's heard on barney, or in nursery, or whatever song I've been singing to her. Her favorite of late is the ABC's, which for a two year old she knows remarkably well. Today we were loading up to go pick up Carter and I can hear her singing the ABC's as she follow's behind me. But as I began to listen I noticed she had done a rewrite. So it went a little like this, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,ELMO,P,Q,R,S,T,U,B,Duwbu,X,Yand Z. I know sesame street has been trying to get a monopoly on the alphabet for a while, and seems they have finally infiltrated there way in! (did you catch the elmo in there?) (and yes the other B was added on purpose!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

One fish, two fish, red fish......paper napkin????

Maybe just because it was friday and an incredibly beautiful morning, or maybe I just woke up happier from a great day before, but I decided to let Carter and Paige watch finding Nemo on the way to school. I know your laughing, I promise though for Carter getting to watch t.v. in the morning is a big deal. And I must say I was greatly rewarded with some hilarious commentary!  It was still within the first 10 mins. of the movie and Carter chirped up from the back, "Mom, it really is to bad that Nemo doesn't have a mommy anymore. " I said well a lot of people lose their mom when they are little, but at least now Nemo had Dory too. He agreed and asked me "Do you think that Mr. Marlin and Dory end up getting married?" I laughed and said I wasn't sure, and asked him if he thought that since they were two different types of fish if they would get together. He thought for a moment and answered, "Well right now we are only learning about Dinosaurs in science, but maybe next year when I get to second grade we'll learn about fish and I'll let you know then!"  Then a few minutes later he said, "mommy why do they have a fish on here that looks like a paper napkin with stains on it?" That one made me laugh right out loud. But he was really confused and wanted to know why. I tell you only Carter would notice something like that, and describe it in such a way.
Later that afternoon Rob and Carter were out at lunch together and out of the blue Carter blurts "Dad, I totally know what your thinking right now, cause i'm wondering the same thing! I mean do you think Marlin and Dory ever get married? I just don't know! But I think they probably do! Don't you?"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Really, who's to blame here??!!

Usually the kids aren't allowed to watch any t.v. in the morning. I find that it greatly slows down our progress of eating, getting dressed or basically just thinking (in Carter's case!) He'll just sorta stand in the kitchen with a look on his face like he's not even sure if he's in the right house.
We have one of those flip down t.v. in my car which like in the house the kids don't get to watch until after school. Well this morning the kids were in the back eating their breakfast, (we might have gotten a bit of a late start) and were very quite. The t.v. screen was flipped down but the radio was turned off so no sound was coming out. I figured that the movie wasn't even on. So while I'm driving, enjoying a little peace and quite, Carter suddenly udders, "Meanwhile back at the castle........"I looked in my rear view mirror and asked "Carter what did you just say?" then a sly grin spread across his face, not unlike the Grinch when he was taking all the christmas toys, looked up and said, "Ummm nothing!" he knew at that point he was busted and the t.v. got shut down. But a few mins. later Carter pipes back up from the back seat and say's "you know mom, your sorta overreacting a bit don't you think. I mean if you think about it, it's really not our fault for watching the movie. The screen was down, so what were we suppose to do?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Umm nose herts!

This last monday was esp. interesting. Paige was in her room eating breakfast and watching Barney while I was in my room making the bed. I could hear her crying and so I started walking to her room, when I got there I see little droplets of blood and I looked at her and basically her whole face was covered in blood. She kept saying "umm nose herrrts!!" over and over. I figured maybe she had fallen and hit it but when I cleaned her off there was no scratches or red marks. She then started to tell me that something was in her nose. So I asked her "Did you put anything in it?" of course she answered "Yeeesss" with a sad sniffle. So I leaned her back and looked in the nose. Sure enough there was something stuck up in there. I asked Paige what she had put in there, she looked at me and said "I doont know". So after calling the doctor and determining it would be best if they took out the stuck object I began to load her in the car. Right about that time she sneezed really hard and a bunch of bright green stuff came flying out. Then Paige looked up at me with a big smile and said "WOOK mommy, my seareal!"(look mommy, my cereal) I then asked her if she had put her cereal up her nose? and she said "yes, itz gwreen seareal" which at that moment I had figured out since it was neon green. I guess she figured foot loops taste better in the nose, than in the mouth. I really hope this isn't the beginning of many lost objects up the nose.