Friday, February 10, 2012

tips on how to have a successful living!

Last week Carter came home with a note informing the parents that they would be having a school store on wednesday for the students, it gave a brief list of the stuff and prices. Carter haggled with us for a bit over how much money he should take to spend. His opening bid was $20! We eventually got it down to $5 and some change. That morning on the way to school Carter was asking me how much money he had and where i had put it for the day. At that point he asked me how much money I had. I replied "you mean how much do I have with me, or how much total?" he thought about it for a moment and answered "how much money do you have total?" so I asked him "how much do you think I have?" he scratched his chin and spat out "one million dollars!" laughing because I was curious to know why he thought I had that much. This was his reply. "Well cause you work really hard doing hair, plus you've been working for like..." he pauses to think back. "Like two whole years!" You could tell he was really proud of his estimation so I pressed a little more. "So do you think daddy made very much money when he played football?" Carter nodded quickly "Oh definitely! He probably made at least ten or twelve thousand dollars!" So to sum it up,  if you work two whole years doing hair you can be a millionaire, but if you play pro-football for eight you can plan on around ten to twelve thousand! I knew I picked the right profession!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

They really should include chocolate in dietary guidlines

With Carter I was blessed with a very happy morning child. Sometimes even a little too happy! Esp. when it's 5 am and the last thing you want to hear is someone sing "Annie" in your ear. (He went through a bit of a musical faze around 4). I realize now that I would give anything if Paige were also a morning child. She is like the Bride of Chucky, not a pretty site! And then this morning, I wake up to a blurry face, not even 2 inches away from mine. Breathing a steady stream of hot, chocolatey breath on me. I open my eyes and Paige greets me with a very enthusiastic "Hwello Mommy!" Below is the video I took just seconds later to preserve one of the few moments where Paige was happy before 10! All I have to do is feed her a ton of Chocolate to get her that way!