Friday, January 21, 2011

I really do try!

Carter has had a little cold the last few days, and we all know what comes with a cold! So this morning on the way to school Carter started blowing his nose into his hand! (sans a kleenex!) Gross, I know! He has been doing this for the last 2 years, thus the reason for keeping lots of hand sanitizer! So like I said he blew his nose into his hand, and for the hundreth time I explained to him that I would really like him to use a tissue and the reason for my request was that everytime he does this it spreads germs to every person and surface he touches. He replied "Oh, I see! Why didn't you tell me that to start with!" I then asked him what he did with the buggers he had just blown onto his hand and he looked quite sheepishly and pointed to his mouth! I said "Carter why in the world did you eat them?!!" He held up his hands in a questioning manner and said "Mom, I don't know why I eat them. I keep trying to stop but it's just sooo hard!" 
I promise I will understand if none of you want to shake my sons hand from this point on! 

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