Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a free country

As with most mornings it takes an army of people to get Carter ready and out the door on time. We usually have to get his clothes laid out and fix his breakfast and sorta steer him along the way to keep him on course. This morning was no exception, generally we just pick out something for Carter to eat and there is usually no arguments. But today Rob got out his usual which is mini muffins and yogurt and Carter looked at Rob and said the following "You know dad, I don't really like when you pick out my breakfast with out asking me. It makes me feel unappreciated, it's a free country! We should be able to pick out our own breakfast's!"
Rob replied "well if it's a free country i'm gonna throw away all the mini muffins, since I can do what I want." Carter got very flustered at this and answered "No way dad, you can only do it if it's within the law!"
I think we need to sign him up for some constitution law classes! We have a lawyer in the making!

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