Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How old are you?

As I mention in my last post Paige just had her 2nd birthday. But have you ever noticed that when it's your birthday the first thing some one say's is.... "How old are you?" Well we have been teaching Paige how old she is by holding up our fingers and telling her that's she's two. So yesterday we were playing with the kids Carter was asking how old Paige would be when he was 10 and we would tell him the answer. Then Paige walked in the room and we asked her, "Hey Paigey how old are you?" And she held up 4 fingers and said "Um finners" (i'm fingers"). We started laughing and said "No, Paige... how old are you?" Paige smiled really big looked at us and said "Finners" (fingers). So basically we confused our daughter into thinking that if you hold up your hand and say "Fingers" then your in good shape!

Then tonight Paige and I were sitting in the bed and I asked her once again how old she was and this time she said "Paigey". I laughed and said "no sweetie, how old are you?" She replied "Paaaiiige" Like i was some kind of dummy for not understanding her the first time. So I asked her again. "Paige how old are you?" She answered "Mommy!"
So maybe I need to go over the whole concept of what age is!

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  1. As anyone who has been around Paige lately knows, the girl can talk non stop. One night she started running around and around the chair, and yelling "I roundy Pa! I roundy!". She didn't take a breath - each time she ran around the chair she said "I roundy Pa, I roundy" SIX times in a perfect rhythm. And, she ran around the chair 10 times. You do the math.