Friday, August 10, 2012

Who do kids with no siblings blame things on???

Paige has been potty trained for almost a year now, but as I'm learning from other parents the word "trained" can be used rather loosely sometimes.
Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen when I noticed that Paige who had been watching Snow White, was conspicuously missing and very quiet.  So I of course called out to her, to which I got more silence.  I walked up the stairs occasionally calling her name. She greeted me right outside her bedroom wearing only her panties and a very guilty look. "Oh, mom!" was the first thing out of her mouth, so I asked her, "what happened to your clothes?"  She looks down at her body and says "Nuffing. I jus feewl like wearing dees panties,"  So I ask again, knowing she'll eventually crack under pressure. "Paige, what happened to your clothes? Did you have an accident?"  Now she makes the most confused and innocent look ive ever seen and replies, "Nooooo"  Not geeting the answer I want I go at it from a different angle. "Paige those were not the panties I put on you earlier."
She stares back a little more sheepishly this time and replies, "Welllll I dinnt pee my panties!" she punctuates by throwing her hands out to the side in a frustrated manner.  So I said "oh really, then what happened?" I knew her explanation would be good, and I was glad to finally be making some headway. "Well Carter peed my panties!" of course now any resolve I had left melted as I tried to stifle a laugh. "Really, Carter peed in your panties while you were wearing them?" I get my answer in the form of a very enthusiastic head bob. There we stood in the hall in a Mexican stand off, her wearing a huge triumphant grin, me shaking my head with defeat.  So finally I took one last breath, knowing full well that this was a wasted argument, she had said her peace and was sticking to it! "Paige, carter isn't even home right now!"  she looked back at me and said "he's not? Well den I don't know what happened." shrugs her shoulders and went on her way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carters rewrite!!!!

For all of you who didn't have to pleasure of seeing this on Facebook!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back to my roots

I must say I do very much aplogize for my inattention to my blog. I know each and every one of you have been entierly lost not having your weekly dose of my childrens insanity! So lucky for you the maddness continues!!! Paige and I had flown down to Georgia over the weekend to be there for my grandmothers funeral, my sister and her family came as well. Michelle has a little guy, Peter who is just a year older than Paige and needless to say the two were very excited to see each other. Now you have to understand that growing up in Dawsonville, GA. is not to far off from the Jeff Foxworthy jokes we all know and love. There are lots of double wide trailers, 10 cars on the front lawn and my favorite very hairy overweight shirtless men sitting on tree stumps picking their toenails with a beer in one hand and a piece of chicken in the other. (I actually saw this very situation while driving to my grandmas house one afternoon). My grandma and great aunt Bertie on the other hand have a cute little white house that sits on the top of a hill on about 10 acres. Going to grandmas as a kid was something we always looked forward to so taking my daughter there for the first time was a really moving experience, I realized as we walked up the stairs that she was the fifth generation to go through those doors. The day after the funeral we were all outside wandering around letting the kids burn off some energy. Paige was enjoying picking clover flowers and making necklaces out of them, Peter was wacking anything he could see with a giant stick he found by some trees. The adults were talking enjoying the nice weather when I look over and see a bare butt out of the corner of my eye. Peter, needing to use the restroom decided the front yard was as good a place as any and was proceding to do so. Laughing I indicated to his dad Travis, that I thought Peter might need a little help. Since Peter was midstream he figured it was better to just let him finish and then stood as a barrier. Paige picking up on the commotion comes over beside Peter to check out what he was doing. About a second later Paige heads over to me as she is unzipping her pants. "Mommy, I wanna go pee pee like Peter." she said excitedly, I of course expalined that girls were not as adept at peeing standing up as boys were. This did not sit well with her as she explained her case. "But mom, I wanna make the flowers grow beautiful with my pee pee like Peter!" We left that afternoon so I never got the chance to see how much of the lawn died that night!

Monday, March 5, 2012

That's why it's call a "universal" remote!

My dad being the kind hearted man he is had taken my kids to his house yesterday afternoon, giving me a little peace and quite.  Apparently While they were there Carter decided he needed a cookie, then turned up his nose at the offered Pecan Sandies my dad had on hand.  From this my dad decided he would bake a pie instead, he's famous for his lemon meringue and since Carter loves my key lime he figured it would be a suitable replacement.  Carter played on the computer to pass the time while my dad made the pie, but if anyone has been around Carter while he plays a computer game you know it's a very interactive experience.  At one point during a particular critical stage in the pie making, Carter began asking my dad for help with his game.  My dad told him he'd have to wait for a minute while he finished up what he was doing.  Of course that didn't sit well with Carter who figured his needs trumped the pie's and turned to my dad and said.  "Why don't you just pause it!"   I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that Carter actually thinks that was a reasonable solution!

Friday, February 10, 2012

tips on how to have a successful living!

Last week Carter came home with a note informing the parents that they would be having a school store on wednesday for the students, it gave a brief list of the stuff and prices. Carter haggled with us for a bit over how much money he should take to spend. His opening bid was $20! We eventually got it down to $5 and some change. That morning on the way to school Carter was asking me how much money he had and where i had put it for the day. At that point he asked me how much money I had. I replied "you mean how much do I have with me, or how much total?" he thought about it for a moment and answered "how much money do you have total?" so I asked him "how much do you think I have?" he scratched his chin and spat out "one million dollars!" laughing because I was curious to know why he thought I had that much. This was his reply. "Well cause you work really hard doing hair, plus you've been working for like..." he pauses to think back. "Like two whole years!" You could tell he was really proud of his estimation so I pressed a little more. "So do you think daddy made very much money when he played football?" Carter nodded quickly "Oh definitely! He probably made at least ten or twelve thousand dollars!" So to sum it up,  if you work two whole years doing hair you can be a millionaire, but if you play pro-football for eight you can plan on around ten to twelve thousand! I knew I picked the right profession!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

They really should include chocolate in dietary guidlines

With Carter I was blessed with a very happy morning child. Sometimes even a little too happy! Esp. when it's 5 am and the last thing you want to hear is someone sing "Annie" in your ear. (He went through a bit of a musical faze around 4). I realize now that I would give anything if Paige were also a morning child. She is like the Bride of Chucky, not a pretty site! And then this morning, I wake up to a blurry face, not even 2 inches away from mine. Breathing a steady stream of hot, chocolatey breath on me. I open my eyes and Paige greets me with a very enthusiastic "Hwello Mommy!" Below is the video I took just seconds later to preserve one of the few moments where Paige was happy before 10! All I have to do is feed her a ton of Chocolate to get her that way! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

No rest for the weary

I apologize for the extended absence, but as with most everyone else it has been somewhat of a busy first couple of weeks for our new year. With lots of birthdays, and even a shoulder surgery for Rob, which he actually just had done 3 days ago. So Thursday was the big day, but we didn't even head down to the surgery center until 6pm that night, which meant it was going to be a very long evening. And true to any medical procedure it lived up to all expectations! We ended up getting home around 12 but neither Rob nor I were able to fall asleep till around 4am. Then of course Carter was up at 7 to get ready for school. So basically by that evening i was pretty much the walking wounded. It was around 7ish and Paige asks me if I can "weyy down, wiff me!" Of course I'm thinking, bed, sleep, sounds A OK to me! We read her favorite book and I already find myself dosing off. Thankfully Paige was in a very patient mood that night and when I would rouse myself she would be just laying there staring at me! I finally make it through the 5 page book and she snuggles up to me and within milliseconds I am unconscious! It was probably only a few minutes but I wake up to Paige smacking me in the face saying, "mommee, mommee, wake up!!! 
you's gedding me all wet!!!!" I drag open my eyelids and realize that she is referring to the puddle of drool that is collecting on her shoulder. I sorta half mumble an apology and try to wipe the area dry, then begin to lay my head back down. At that point she yanks the blanket up from under me and tells me "mommee, I fink you need to go to you bed now!"