Sunday, January 9, 2011

In the eye of the beholder!

Yeah! I'm excited to be getting some good Carter stories! We had Paige's 2nd birthday on friday and had all our family over. We were talking about my blog and my brother Jono told me one of his favorite Carter moments, and since he said he never writes comments I figured I'd submit it for him. Carter was in the potty training stage, and he had gone up to my brothers to spend the night with my niece's. Apparently they went to McD's and were playing at the play ground. Jono said Carter disappered for quite some time, and when he came down was walking like he just got off a horse. He then noticed the back side of his pants were hanging pretty low and a very strong odor was wafting from his direction. So he took him to the bathroom to check out the damage. I guess he filled his underwear, to the point that Jono determined that the underwear was unsalvageable and tossed them in the trash! When I came to pick up Carter later that day Jono relayed the story to me, and when I asked Carter about it in the car he looked at me very indignantly and said, "Mommy he actually threw away my underwear, can you believe it!"
I must say being on the end of Carter's many "accident's" I don't blame him at all for tossing those bad boys! I pretty sure Rob has done the same thing a few times too.

Like I said, this weekend was Paige's B-day and she had received some lego's, Carter and her were upstairs playing when I heard a little tussle break out. I went up stairs to investigate when I heard Carter telling Paige in a very adult/scolding tone, "You know you really shouldn't be treating your lego's this way, don't you know these things are very valuable.!" I started laughing and walking into the room and asked Carter what the problem was, he turned to me and said "Paige is up here being very unresponceable, she keeps throwing her lego's!" I replied, " well honey when you were her age you did the same thing." he looked at me and said " Well she shouldn't be treating her valuable toys this way. Doesn't she know anything!"

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