Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carters rewrite!!!!

For all of you who didn't have to pleasure of seeing this on Facebook!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back to my roots

I must say I do very much aplogize for my inattention to my blog. I know each and every one of you have been entierly lost not having your weekly dose of my childrens insanity! So lucky for you the maddness continues!!! Paige and I had flown down to Georgia over the weekend to be there for my grandmothers funeral, my sister and her family came as well. Michelle has a little guy, Peter who is just a year older than Paige and needless to say the two were very excited to see each other. Now you have to understand that growing up in Dawsonville, GA. is not to far off from the Jeff Foxworthy jokes we all know and love. There are lots of double wide trailers, 10 cars on the front lawn and my favorite very hairy overweight shirtless men sitting on tree stumps picking their toenails with a beer in one hand and a piece of chicken in the other. (I actually saw this very situation while driving to my grandmas house one afternoon). My grandma and great aunt Bertie on the other hand have a cute little white house that sits on the top of a hill on about 10 acres. Going to grandmas as a kid was something we always looked forward to so taking my daughter there for the first time was a really moving experience, I realized as we walked up the stairs that she was the fifth generation to go through those doors. The day after the funeral we were all outside wandering around letting the kids burn off some energy. Paige was enjoying picking clover flowers and making necklaces out of them, Peter was wacking anything he could see with a giant stick he found by some trees. The adults were talking enjoying the nice weather when I look over and see a bare butt out of the corner of my eye. Peter, needing to use the restroom decided the front yard was as good a place as any and was proceding to do so. Laughing I indicated to his dad Travis, that I thought Peter might need a little help. Since Peter was midstream he figured it was better to just let him finish and then stood as a barrier. Paige picking up on the commotion comes over beside Peter to check out what he was doing. About a second later Paige heads over to me as she is unzipping her pants. "Mommy, I wanna go pee pee like Peter." she said excitedly, I of course expalined that girls were not as adept at peeing standing up as boys were. This did not sit well with her as she explained her case. "But mom, I wanna make the flowers grow beautiful with my pee pee like Peter!" We left that afternoon so I never got the chance to see how much of the lawn died that night!