Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's a twofer!

Over the weekend Rob's brother and his family came into town, and my sis in-law Casey shared this little diddy with me. Apparently my mother in-law had made some salmon for dinner and my son who btw is not a very adventurous eater declined when asked if he would like some. Casey asked him why he didn't want to eat it. Carter told her "because it's gross!" Casey asked why he thought that, and he answered "because, on Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, they said sardines are disgusting." Casey a little perplexed asked him what he meant and he said, "Because, don't you know that salmon is actually baby sardines!"
I still don't really follow the logic with this one but I guess to Carter it makes perfect sense!

For starters, Paige loves her grandparents, esp. her grandpa's!!! Whenever she goes over to my mother in law's she tends to head straight for grandpa Craig, and the same for when she goes to my parents. The funny thing is all day long she walks around the house wanting to call "Gwwamma Nisa" (my mom). So the other night Rob was in the office rocking Paige hoping to settle her down for bed. He was going through every one in our family saying a person's name and then Paige would say who they were. For instance,........ Tracie - Mommy! Rob- Daddy! Carter- Bubba! Lisa- Grandma! Craig- Grandpa! and down the lis he went, well I guess he was almost done when he got to my dad and Rob asked Paige "who is Rusty?" And Paige with no hesitation "PENGUIN!" so grandpa Penguin he now shall be known! The funny thing is if you ask Carter who Rusty is he'll answer "who, you mean silly grandpa!" what do you think that means? Silly grandpa, and a penguin! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is love really unconditional?

I think there are some pics. on here of Rob where you can see that he has a very nice viking type goatee. And he wears it because he thinks he looks really young and ridiculous without it. Also he thought it made him much scarier looking when he was playing football. Last night he shaved it all off! Which I like because now when he kisses me the hair no longer goes in my nose! But when Carter woke up this morning and came in to shower Rob asked him how he looked, And Carter told him "Dad it looks weird!!" Rob then said "Do you think you can still love me?" and Carter answered "No, Dad I don't think so!" but think a few mins. later Carter came back in and looked at Rob and told him "you still look weird......but dad, I still love you!"

He's always there in our time of need :)

Last night we were just hanging out like usual, Carter had a friend over so Paige was kinda going from one person to the next, just sorta doing her own thing. A little while later we can hear her in the hall saying, "Aumm healp, Jesus! Healllp Jesus. Healllllp Healllllp Jesus, Aummm Jesus." (I'm help Jesus, Help Jesus, Help Help Jesus. I'm a Jesus). Rob and I started laughing pretty hard, because she sounded so funny yelling help Jesus. So Rob walked into the hall and saw Paige desperately trying to lift a bronze statue of Jesus that we have off of the table. Of course Rob went and helped her, she then carried Jesus around the house for a little while until she decided he was better suited on the coffee table in the living room. Where later that night on her way to bed, waved to him and told him goodnight. Maybe she felt left out with out a friend to play with, so she got her own! I also posted a picture of the Statue just to get a better mental image!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Does dry erase come out of suede?

Paige lately has been making life very interesting for Rob and I!!! I really do think she is Picasso reincarnated, and our walls and her body are a testament to that! Today she effectively destroyed a bed spread, and her cream colored suede chair with a lovely impressionist drawing with some dry erase markers. Her other mediums include, Chalk, Pen, Pencil, Permanent marker, and my favorite Finger paint! If you scroll down to the bottom of the posts I've put some new Paige pics, modeling some of her latest works of art! You can always tell now when she's colored on her self, because she walks into the room and announces "I need a tubbie".

Friday, February 4, 2011

What mom doesn't know won't hurt her!

I apologize I haven't posted in a while. We have been plagued with the common cold!! But I think we are all finally on the mend. (cross fingers anyway). A couple of days ago my dad informed me that he would be going to Hawaii for a business trip, so I promptly invited my self to tag along. Which thankfully he said sounded good to him! So much to my great pleasure I will be spending 6 glorious days in Waikiki at the end of this month. So I told Carter I would be going and he asked why he couldn't go. Now you have to understand that whenever Rob and I go out of town we always tell Carter that the trip we are going on is going to be very boring with no kids stuff to do and lots of walking around, and then we tell him how much fun he'll have with the babysitter and all the fun stuff they are going to do. Then he has no desire to come on the trip with us. Which is pretty much the outcome we were hoping for. Back to the story at hand, Rob walked over to Carter and started whispering something and they both started snickering. I'm pretty sure they were making secret plans for fun stuff to do while i'm gone. Then a couple of other times i've walked into the room and they will stop talking really fast and kinda start laughing and winking at each other. (More secret plans)! So this morning Rob was taking him to school and out of the blue Carter said " Hey dad, while the cats away, the mice will play." and started laughing because he thought he was so clever! But we still aren't really sure if he actually knows what he is talking about.