Saturday, July 30, 2011

it's great to be 8!!

As some of you know Carter just turned 8 the first of this month, and then today he got baptized. He had his bishops interview a couple of weeks ago and since then he has been so excited and has talked about it quite a bit! Rob and Carter got to the church early today so they could change into the white clothes and get things all ready. I got there a few minutes later and he was pretty much about to bounce right out of his skin he was so excited and happy. He asked two of his cousins to give talks and they did such a great job. Then it was his turn to do the actual baptism, which went beautifully of course I was crying seeing my son get baptized by his daddy who he absolutely idolizes. So Rob told me later on, after they had gone back into the bathroom to get dried off and dressed in their suits, he said Carter could hardly contain himself. He was jumping up and down and kept saying over and over, I just got baptized. So Rob was still getting ready when Carter announced he was ready to come back out, Rob got a good look at him and saw that he was only wearing his shirt, tie, socks and no pants. So while he was helping to "finish" getting dressed Rob asked him if he felt clean and new now that all his sins had been washed away and true to Carter form he replied "yeah I really do, but dad where did they all go?" Rob told him that they were washed away in the water when he was immersed. Carter then said "so where did they all go, are they still in the water? Is the next kid gonna get my sins when they get in?" Rob promised him that they do clean it out very well after each kid :)

Rob's brother and kids are in town from Texas, they always come up every year.We were all at my house and I had banished everyone outside since we had just cleaned up the playroom to get ready for today. So we decided it would be fun to get some cloth paint and make some t-shirts. Well Carter was having a hard time figuring out what to put on his. The girls where well on their way and he was still sitting with a bland tee. So I started giving him some ideas, after a few No's he got excited and went to work on his shirt. When it was finished his shirt read.... " I shot Voldemort and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!" I personally thought it was quite clever!

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