Tuesday, August 23, 2011

nurse in training

I am now the second counselor in our ward Primary and one of the things I oversee is the nursery. So it was last Sunday and I had been bouncing back and forth between teaching sharing time and checking in on the nursery. Paige was in there and was looking really hot and tired, and when I picked her up I noticed the loverly odor coming from her cute little drawers. Fortunately when I exited into the hallway my loving husband was there for me to hand Paige off to. He set her down for a minute while I fished out my keys and told him where the diapers were in the car. We both look down at Paige who at that moment was looking very pitiful,  she looked up at Rob and I peering at us under her little blond bangs and red cheeks. I asked her what was wrong and she said with a slight whimper "Get me outta' here!" then turned walked two steps and laid down in the middle of the hallway head on her hands butt in the air! I think she might have been just a little tired. 

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good and was sitting on the steps sorta hunched over, my darling little Paigey came over and sat down next to me and started to rub my back. She said "whatz madder mommeee? you tummy hert?" I told her yes, and she replied "it's alright, don't worry. you need a banndaid?" I told her I did, so she jumped off the stairs and started walking into my room to grab one. About halfway down the hall she turns to me and asked "you wanna prinnsess banndaid, or ferb and Phineas?" I smiled and said either was fine and she looked at me and said, "k i be wright back!" 

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  1. we have phineas and ferb bandaids at our house, too :)