Monday, July 18, 2011

exclamations from the road....

Before the season begins and we don't see Rob for the next 6 months we decided to take a 16 day family vacation up through Tahoe, down to San Fran. then down the Central Coast and finally ending in Lancaster! yes, Lancaster, in the middle of the desert! My little sis. is blessing her new bundle of Joy and so we decided to roll it all into one! So of course being with my kids day in and day out has provided me with plenty of comic relief! But because of the amount i'm going to narrow down to just some of my top favs. so in no particular order here they are.........
     In tahoe, Paige is jumping up and down looking out the window down below at the sites and exclaims,
"Ohhh mommeee, wook it's a fwimming poodle!"
Also in tahoe, Rob had told Carter that the water slide was 250 feet, after conquering it, he remarked "that was 250 feet? felt more like 40 feet to me!"

In San Fran, Rob was taking Carter to a magic show for a little boys nite out and Rob asked Carter if he wanted some Cologne so they could pick up some babes! Carter all excited "yeah dad, I want some! Hey mom smell me I got on dad's perfume so we could get some babes!" As they are walking out the door I hear Carter ask Rob, "dad what's a babe?"

In Shell beach, I had stuck Paige in the tubby to get all the sand off of her after she got blasted by a few waves down at the beach. I was getting her out when I asked her pull the stopper up from the bottom of the tub when she looked up at me and said "No mommie, it's too dangerous!"
Oh also while we were down at the beach Paige told Rob that a shark had bite her bucket!

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