Saturday, July 9, 2011

you 'member him?

I have found that around the age of 2-3, that my kids all go through a who is Jesus faze. Let me give you an example, when Carter was about 3 we were holding up a couple of different denominations of money and asking if he knew who was on the bill. I held up a 5 dollar bill first with good ole' honest Abe on it and asked him who it was, Carter's reply was "Jesus"! I then held up a one dollar bill and asked him the same question, this time his reply was "it's Grandma Vicki!" To say she was less than happy about being in the same category as George Washington is certainly an understatement!
 So now Paige is 2 1/2 and has been doing the same thing. Rob bought the Lord of the Rings extended version pack and had it sitting on the kitchen counter, Paige and Arianne were in there when Paige remarked, "Ari, do you know who this is?" pointing to a picture of Aragorn on the cover of the movie case and then says "that's Jesus, you 'member him?" I love that anyone with long brownish hair and a full beard becomes Jesus.

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