Thursday, July 21, 2011

still on vacation :)

I'm pretty sure I've told everyone before that Carter does and says almost everything his father does. Like, we are walking down he road and Rob spits, two seconds later Carter spits. Rob takes his hat off and rubs his head, Carter takes his hat off and rubs his head. Ok so you get this picture, well last week while in Tahoe, I was upstairs getting ready to go out for dinner and Rob remarked something like, "it's only dinner not a dance club!"( I was taking a little to long I suppose) Then today we decided to go Kayaking this morning down at Morro Bay and I was putting some moisturizer on my face still in my p.j's when Carter walked in, looked me up and down and said "mom, seriously we're just going kayaking not to a dancing contest!" and walked out!

A few day's ago, we were having spaghetti for dinner. Carter was sitting at the table, begging for something to eat, so I handed him a slice of french bread and handed him the butter. I turned around and went back to making dinner. When I looked back at him to see if he needed any help I noticed he had the piece of bread between his toes and the knife with butter on it trying to spread it on the bread! I told him to please not try to butter his bread with his toes and of course I got the customary "but mom!!" I asked him why in the world he was using his toes and he told me "because I'm trying to have a new skill! It's always a good idea to have lots of skills that you can use!" I shook my head and Rob very calmly said,"Carter you already have lots of great skills already, why don't you work on one of them instead!"

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  1. Hi Tracie, you dont know me, and im not even sure if you check this....but I have been trying real hard to contact your husband Rob. He served a mission in my hometown back in southern Ontario Canada and made a real impact on my life, unfortunately we lost contact years ago. If you check this could you please have him contact me....My name is Jason Grant, I was about 15 when I knew email is!!