Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to school

School has started, along with that the morning ride to school, where if you remember from my older posts that is the place Carter chooses to tell me the most interesting things.
It was tuesday morning and as usual Carter and Paige were eating breakfast in the car because I have found it is easier to feed them while they are strapped in and can't move at all than at the kitchen table, yes my car may be a little worse for the wear but at least it eliminates some of the morning nonsense! That morning I had gotten him a couple pieces of cinnamon toast, a favorite at our house with some cherry yogurt. He snarfed down the toast and was beginning to work on the yogurt when he informed me that the yogurt was dead. (that's code for gone bad in our  house.) I looked at the lid and told him that it wasn't suppose to "die" for another month and that maybe his toothpaste was making it taste funny. He took another bite, made a face and said "no mom, i'm pretty sure the yogurt is ok, but there is something wrong with the cherries in it." I told him, well don't eat the cherries. He was a little befuddled and asked "how am I suppose to do that since the cherries are everywhere in it." I said, "well when you get a bite that has a cherry just spit it out onto your plate and eat the yogurt". He got on his face a look of indignation and replied "Ewwww mom that is really gross, I CAN NOT do that." this time I was a little perplexed and asked him "why would that be gross, you still pick your nose and eat your buggers!" He exhaled loudly and fired back "mom, what in the world does that have to do with these yucky cherries!" At that point I decided to let him figure it out!

Over the last week and a half we've had a couple of really bad lighting and thunder storms, where a couple of times it has made us lose power for a few hours. One night Paige was having a hard time going to sleep because all the noise and was making her a little scared. Rob was sitting in the hallway with her and asked her what was wrong, she told him " it scare me daddy! I dowwn't wike it!" so he asked her if she was afraid of the thunder and lighting. She looked and him and told him "Yess, that scary fundder and du whitning Maqueen he try to get me! That scary whitning Maqueen get my toes!"

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