Friday, September 9, 2011

someone dropped the "H" bomb

I had quite a shock the other day when Carter and Paige were sitting at the table.  As usual Paige was being naughty and bugging Carter. He was getting pretty fed up and yelled out "Paige I hate you!" I of course heard this from the other room and took Carter aside and had a nice long chat about the reasons you never tell someone in your family that you hate them!(or even other people for that matter)  He apologized and that was that, well two days ago they were at the table again doing some art and Carter was starting to get really fed up with the "little monster" as he lovingly called her. I could tell he was getting ready to explode on her when I heard "Paigey, I really don't like you right NOW! I mean I like you, I just don't like you like you, but I love you, I just don't really like you love you right now, but I still love you, sorta." I guess that's an improvement over I hate you!

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  1. Isn't that the worst thing ever to hear? Peter said it the first time a month or so back and it totally shocked me. We had a nice looong chat too ;)