Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stockton, Malone..... Young?

This evening we were at a friends house for a BBQ, they had this really great restored covered wagon in their backyard where Carter and Paige were having a good time playing and exploring in it. A little later it had started to get dark and Carter asked if someone would come out to the wagon with him. Rob said he didn't want to since it was haunted by Bringham Young's ghost. Carter wide eyed told Rob that there was no such thing as ghosts, Rob smirked and told him he was right then asked him if he knew who Bringham Young was? Carter's reply was "oh sure he was one of those guys who's with the Utah Jazz!"
I can't be sure but I think somewhere along the line we may have confused the kid a little.

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  1. may thing I'm crazy, but I promise I'm not. LOL I've become an addict to the videos on and yours hit me like a ton of bricks! We have very similar stories. I, too, suffered through infertility. I got pregnant via IVF after three years of treatment, only to lose my twin boys at 24 weeks. I went on to have another set of twins just 11 months (also preemies), and then a year and a half later, our "bonus baby" joined our family! No fertility drugs needed for her. :)

    I just needed to tell you how much I appreciated your video and the story you shared. What a blessing it is to have the gospel to give us the assurance that all will be ok. To know that we will be with our children again, and have the opportunity to raise them. I am a convert to the church (joined at 21) and I can tell you that I would not have survived without the gospel. It gave me the strength and faith I needed.

    Hope you don't mind that I contacted you this way! I just felt that I HAD to!! You can visit my blog and see that I'm not a crazy person. LOL Although, I cringe as I haven't updated my blog since February, much to my displeasure. (I started working from home and it takes up all of my time! I need to get back to my blog....)

    Take care of yourself and your beautiful family!!

    Toni Chase
    Peoria, Arizona