Thursday, September 15, 2011

The battle on isle 9

As you know Carter is now 8, and Miss P is 2 1/2 which is when as we all know the "Fun" really begins. In other words she is absolutely getting into the terrible 2's, and all that comes with that! Now since Carter is 8 it's been a few years since I last experienced this and I think maybe something like PTSD has blocked from my memory what the 2's were like, otherwise I probably wouldn't ever have had another child :) For instance, Carter, Paige and I were at the grocery store on Monday and we were trying to grab a few things for dinner. Long gone are the days when Paige would sit in the cart and be pacified with either something to munch on or watching a video on my phone. Now she wants to be down with Carter, but unlike Carter she has no desire to actually stay with me! She is a runner!!!! Her favorite time to run is when I'm at the register checking out, right when I'm about to pay she takes off and I have to go chasing after her, which I know the people behind me are not to pleased  about! So monday was going much like other shopping trips, she would run I would go after her or I would send Carter to fetch her. After about the 10th break for the border I decided I had had enough and she was just going to have to sit in the cart buckled in. I picked her up to put her in and of course she did the worlds best limp body you have ever seen. She's slipping right out of my arms, just inches from getting dropped on her head when I finally get a good grip on her. Then as i'm trying to put her in again she goes completely straight so i can't even bend her to have her sit. So this little 3 ring circus goes on for about 15 mins., and might i add the whole time she is screaming at the top of her lungs which always helps the situation! But I have to say I was very proud of myself and kept my frustration in check and didn't get mad at her. So she finally sorta collapses on the floor cause she's so exhausted from battle, and I let her lay on the floor for a moment. Now I know most parents would have just walked away, and i did truly consider this but I knew if I did than basically she would have won cause she would have gotten exactly what she wanted, which was to be on the floor instead of the cart! Exhausted and deflated from defeat, Paige finally lets me pick her up and goes quietly into the cart, Click goes the buckle and it's over! As i'm standing there looking at my pitiful daughter Carter comes over to me and starts patting my on the back, looks at me and says "you know mom, you did good, cause she needs to know that your the boss and she just can't always get what she wants!" then after an approving sigh, "I'm very proud of you mom!"

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  1. That is awesome! Love it. I totally know how that feels. I was laughing the whole time reading your story. You are a great writer.