Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's a twofer!

Over the weekend Rob's brother and his family came into town, and my sis in-law Casey shared this little diddy with me. Apparently my mother in-law had made some salmon for dinner and my son who btw is not a very adventurous eater declined when asked if he would like some. Casey asked him why he didn't want to eat it. Carter told her "because it's gross!" Casey asked why he thought that, and he answered "because, on Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, they said sardines are disgusting." Casey a little perplexed asked him what he meant and he said, "Because, don't you know that salmon is actually baby sardines!"
I still don't really follow the logic with this one but I guess to Carter it makes perfect sense!

For starters, Paige loves her grandparents, esp. her grandpa's!!! Whenever she goes over to my mother in law's she tends to head straight for grandpa Craig, and the same for when she goes to my parents. The funny thing is all day long she walks around the house wanting to call "Gwwamma Nisa" (my mom). So the other night Rob was in the office rocking Paige hoping to settle her down for bed. He was going through every one in our family saying a person's name and then Paige would say who they were. For instance,........ Tracie - Mommy! Rob- Daddy! Carter- Bubba! Lisa- Grandma! Craig- Grandpa! and down the lis he went, well I guess he was almost done when he got to my dad and Rob asked Paige "who is Rusty?" And Paige with no hesitation "PENGUIN!" so grandpa Penguin he now shall be known! The funny thing is if you ask Carter who Rusty is he'll answer "who, you mean silly grandpa!" what do you think that means? Silly grandpa, and a penguin! :)

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  1. Tracie! I just came across Rob's page on Mormon.org. I went on splits with him many times when he served in Welland, Ontario, as part of his mission. Any chance you could have him email me? I'd love to touch base.


    joelglanfield AT gmail DOT com