Friday, February 11, 2011

He's always there in our time of need :)

Last night we were just hanging out like usual, Carter had a friend over so Paige was kinda going from one person to the next, just sorta doing her own thing. A little while later we can hear her in the hall saying, "Aumm healp, Jesus! Healllp Jesus. Healllllp Healllllp Jesus, Aummm Jesus." (I'm help Jesus, Help Jesus, Help Help Jesus. I'm a Jesus). Rob and I started laughing pretty hard, because she sounded so funny yelling help Jesus. So Rob walked into the hall and saw Paige desperately trying to lift a bronze statue of Jesus that we have off of the table. Of course Rob went and helped her, she then carried Jesus around the house for a little while until she decided he was better suited on the coffee table in the living room. Where later that night on her way to bed, waved to him and told him goodnight. Maybe she felt left out with out a friend to play with, so she got her own! I also posted a picture of the Statue just to get a better mental image!

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  1. That definitely rates high on the "Awwww" factor! She's got her priorities straight!