Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm with stupid<--

Lately I have been feeling like Carter is just growing up to fast, and i'm starting to wonder when the Mom please don't hug me in public or even act like you know me begins. Every day he say's or does something that makes him seem older than the day before. And then other day's I feel like he is just flat out laughing at my lack of ability and knowledge, (or at least as far as he's concerned) For example take this evening, he was in the living room building some very complex temple of death and booby traps out of lego's. So I say to him "Wow Carter you really have an amazing imagination, I can't believe you can build all of those things of your own creation. I've never been able to do stuff like that!" Carter replies, "Yeah mom, your just not really good at this kind of stuff, you know using your imagination. I think it's cause you were a kid such a very long time ago. But guess what, if you can prove to me that you can build this little lego here (points to a stack of bricks he put together) and not break it than I might let you play with me. " I guess that's what I get for trying to build up his self esteem and compliment him!

My sis-in law and her kids came over tonight, and for some reason it's very hit and miss between our children. Sometimes they are the best of buddies and other times it's like Def-com 5 at my house. Tonight was more towards the latter. Rob took Paige and put her in the tub because Claire and Paige decided they couldn't be next to each other with out one or the other pinching or poking. While Paige was in the tub she starting yelling to Rob that she wanted to get out. Rob walked in and said "ok, Paigey are you sure your ready to get out?" And Paige replied "YESSS, I shrinking!" 

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  1. oh man. That kid and the stuff that comes out of his mouth.... crazy! I love the "maybe if you can build these little legos.." too funny.