Friday, February 11, 2011

Is love really unconditional?

I think there are some pics. on here of Rob where you can see that he has a very nice viking type goatee. And he wears it because he thinks he looks really young and ridiculous without it. Also he thought it made him much scarier looking when he was playing football. Last night he shaved it all off! Which I like because now when he kisses me the hair no longer goes in my nose! But when Carter woke up this morning and came in to shower Rob asked him how he looked, And Carter told him "Dad it looks weird!!" Rob then said "Do you think you can still love me?" and Carter answered "No, Dad I don't think so!" but think a few mins. later Carter came back in and looked at Rob and told him "you still look weird......but dad, I still love you!"


  1. Hi Tracie this Rob's missionary comp. from Toronto Phil Williams I was updating my profile on and saw His ugly mug we were AP's together for 6 months tell him I would love to hear from him @ and tell him JACK CRANK LOOP BOP he will know what it means

  2. Thank you Tracie and Rob for your profiles. It is truly amazing how the Gospel blesses our lives!

    Thanks for all your help in spreading the gospel online as well. As an online missionary it is an exciting time to be a member of the church!