Friday, August 10, 2012

Who do kids with no siblings blame things on???

Paige has been potty trained for almost a year now, but as I'm learning from other parents the word "trained" can be used rather loosely sometimes.
Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen when I noticed that Paige who had been watching Snow White, was conspicuously missing and very quiet.  So I of course called out to her, to which I got more silence.  I walked up the stairs occasionally calling her name. She greeted me right outside her bedroom wearing only her panties and a very guilty look. "Oh, mom!" was the first thing out of her mouth, so I asked her, "what happened to your clothes?"  She looks down at her body and says "Nuffing. I jus feewl like wearing dees panties,"  So I ask again, knowing she'll eventually crack under pressure. "Paige, what happened to your clothes? Did you have an accident?"  Now she makes the most confused and innocent look ive ever seen and replies, "Nooooo"  Not geeting the answer I want I go at it from a different angle. "Paige those were not the panties I put on you earlier."
She stares back a little more sheepishly this time and replies, "Welllll I dinnt pee my panties!" she punctuates by throwing her hands out to the side in a frustrated manner.  So I said "oh really, then what happened?" I knew her explanation would be good, and I was glad to finally be making some headway. "Well Carter peed my panties!" of course now any resolve I had left melted as I tried to stifle a laugh. "Really, Carter peed in your panties while you were wearing them?" I get my answer in the form of a very enthusiastic head bob. There we stood in the hall in a Mexican stand off, her wearing a huge triumphant grin, me shaking my head with defeat.  So finally I took one last breath, knowing full well that this was a wasted argument, she had said her peace and was sticking to it! "Paige, carter isn't even home right now!"  she looked back at me and said "he's not? Well den I don't know what happened." shrugs her shoulders and went on her way.


  1. Bertie and I just love Paig-isms. Your descriptions of her shrugging those little shoulders is perfect!

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  3. Tracie,
    This really isn't the right place to send you an email, but I couldn't figure out another way to contact you. I hope you remember me. We were roommates while you were in beauty school in Provo. I stumbled onto the "I'm a Mormon" video that you and your husband did and I couldn't believe that it was you. I've thought about you and your family from time to time and I hope everything is well. I'd love to hear back from you and catch up. My email is

    Laura Bishop Pistorius