Monday, March 5, 2012

That's why it's call a "universal" remote!

My dad being the kind hearted man he is had taken my kids to his house yesterday afternoon, giving me a little peace and quite.  Apparently While they were there Carter decided he needed a cookie, then turned up his nose at the offered Pecan Sandies my dad had on hand.  From this my dad decided he would bake a pie instead, he's famous for his lemon meringue and since Carter loves my key lime he figured it would be a suitable replacement.  Carter played on the computer to pass the time while my dad made the pie, but if anyone has been around Carter while he plays a computer game you know it's a very interactive experience.  At one point during a particular critical stage in the pie making, Carter began asking my dad for help with his game.  My dad told him he'd have to wait for a minute while he finished up what he was doing.  Of course that didn't sit well with Carter who figured his needs trumped the pie's and turned to my dad and said.  "Why don't you just pause it!"   I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that Carter actually thinks that was a reasonable solution!

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  1. Ah Carter...I love that kid. Life should have a pause button...too bad it doesn't. Love ya!