Saturday, February 4, 2012

They really should include chocolate in dietary guidlines

With Carter I was blessed with a very happy morning child. Sometimes even a little too happy! Esp. when it's 5 am and the last thing you want to hear is someone sing "Annie" in your ear. (He went through a bit of a musical faze around 4). I realize now that I would give anything if Paige were also a morning child. She is like the Bride of Chucky, not a pretty site! And then this morning, I wake up to a blurry face, not even 2 inches away from mine. Breathing a steady stream of hot, chocolatey breath on me. I open my eyes and Paige greets me with a very enthusiastic "Hwello Mommy!" Below is the video I took just seconds later to preserve one of the few moments where Paige was happy before 10! All I have to do is feed her a ton of Chocolate to get her that way! 


  1. I hate it when you have to taste something off your face.

    btw - Luke and Lily are watching with me and now we have to "turn it back on - AGAIN"

  2. The big sigh cracks me up - it's like a mini me version of a Dove candy commercial! Cute cute.