Thursday, June 9, 2011

What was I thinking?

Hooray!!! today is the last day of school! But of course like most mornings during the last 2 weeks we were sorta scrambling out the door. Now anyone who lives in highland knows how insanely awful the construction traffic is. Well I had discovered a "secret" way to get Carter to school in very little time with almost no traffic. As we were cruising along singing to music and talking I might have been going a tad over the speed limit and then to make matters worse there is a right hand turn that I like to take off road! :) (the kids love it!) Well no sooner than I had taken my not so legal right hand turn I see the beautiful blue and red lights in my rear view mirror. As I pull over Carter looks at me and says "Mom, what did you do this time!" I told him I was probably driving to fast and the police officer was going to give me a ticket. He responded, "Oh I know daddy get's those all the time!" As the officer was standing at my window telling me my infractions Carter realized that we were defiantly going to be late and on field day of all days, he puts his hands on his hips hangs his head and says "Mom, I'm very disappointed in you, how could you be so disresponsible!" I did in fact get a ticket but the officer was very nice and cut me a break on my speed. I think he felt bad that Carter was in the back scowling at me for making him late. I think he realized the punishment I would receive from my 7 year old was far worse than what he would have given me.

When we got home Paige asked if she could watch tangled, which happens to be her absolute favorite movie at the moment. I said yes and came into the kitchen to clean up. She's watching the intro, and suddenly gets very upset and starts yelling at the t.v., "punzle's not hippo baby! she's not hippo baby!" Paige runs over to me and repeats what she had been yelling at the t.v., I really had no idea what would make her say that so I went in and  rewinded the movie and listen for a minute. In the beginning of the story the narrator is telling about Rapunzel's birth and there is a line where he says "and so she was born a healthy baby girl, a princess." I guess Paige has very strong feelings about hippo's, and Rapunzel not being one of them! But I have to admit the way he says it, it does sound like he's calling her a baby hippo.


  1. eek, sorry about your ticket!

  2. Awesome. Peter loves Tangled too - he'll wander around the house singing "mother knows best, take it from your mumsie" over and over again.