Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ebert and Carter

This evening while the kiddos and I were eating dinner Carter was talking about some movies he was wanting to see. He then enlightened me with the reasons he didn't want to see some of the others, especially "Thor". I asked him why and he told me because there was to much killing in it for someone of his age. I knew neither Rob nor I had seen it so I asked him how he knew there was too much killing. He responded, "From that rotten apple's thingy! The apples thing were they give it like a score on how much you shouldn't see it." He then preceded to tell me that he really wanted to see "Hoodwinked 2". He smiled and said "but really you can't trust those rotten apples, cause they gave Hoodwinked a bad score and I still want to see it." I said, well they probably did that cause it's not very good. He scoffed at me and replied "no way mom, they gave Marmaduke a bad score and it was like totally awesome! Action packed, and not to mention it made me laugh so hard, that I like almost died, yeah really it was the best!" So then I told him that maybe it's just that the critics didn't like it. He looked at me and shook his head and laughed "well they better start getting it right or someone will be out of job soon!"

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  1. How I love that boy's thought patterns!!!! (I hope you write about Paige playing doctor after getting her shots.)