Saturday, May 28, 2011

Now, Just a little pinch....

Today Whitney and Travis and their 3 kido's came up for a little afternoon picnic and chill time. The kids had been outside for a while and were starting to get tired so we let them come in.... big mistake! The kids were behaving very well so the adults sat down to play a little game of rummy. Paige and Claire had gone into Carter's room and we could hear them argue occasionally, but mostly they were either giggly or quiet. After a little I decided they were too quiet so in I went to check on them. I entered the room to a very strong odor of fish, the girls were using the bottom drawer of Carter's dresser as a stool and both were happily feeding the fish. Now when I say feeding the fish, it was more like "Mr. Fishy would you like a little water to go with your food!" The tank was full of food, swirling everywhere. But they had also managed to get it all over them and the floor and inside the drawers all over Carter's clothes. At this point sweet little Paige looks up and me and say's "Mommy, I feed the Pishy"! So I called for the others to come see their masterpiece. So the girls got dumped into the tub and the fish into a bowl so their tank could be cleaned. Now i'm not sure if one of the fish decided it was a good time to try out the escape move he saw on Finding Nemo, or if the idea of all his food being sucked up into a shop vac pushed him over the edge, but whatever the reason he jumped! Straight out onto the floor. I came in a few mins. later to finish cleaning his room and happened to look into the bowl that was holding the fish and realized that there were only 3 in there. I looked again, yep, only 3, so I began a little search and rescue and saw the missing fish laying on the floor. He looked to me to be dead but I figured I'd stick him back in the water and see if it perked him up a bit. The crazy thing, as soon as I plopped him back in he took off swimming like nothing ever happened, I am a little curious to see which of the fish make it through the night. When Darwin came up with his theory of "Survival of the fittest" I don't think he was factoring in blonde 2 year olds!

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  1. With 2 year olds it's "Something WILL happen, you never know what". Both posts are so funny. Sounds like the carpet man will need a call on Monday!