Sunday, May 1, 2011

Umm nose herts!

This last monday was esp. interesting. Paige was in her room eating breakfast and watching Barney while I was in my room making the bed. I could hear her crying and so I started walking to her room, when I got there I see little droplets of blood and I looked at her and basically her whole face was covered in blood. She kept saying "umm nose herrrts!!" over and over. I figured maybe she had fallen and hit it but when I cleaned her off there was no scratches or red marks. She then started to tell me that something was in her nose. So I asked her "Did you put anything in it?" of course she answered "Yeeesss" with a sad sniffle. So I leaned her back and looked in the nose. Sure enough there was something stuck up in there. I asked Paige what she had put in there, she looked at me and said "I doont know". So after calling the doctor and determining it would be best if they took out the stuck object I began to load her in the car. Right about that time she sneezed really hard and a bunch of bright green stuff came flying out. Then Paige looked up at me with a big smile and said "WOOK mommy, my seareal!"(look mommy, my cereal) I then asked her if she had put her cereal up her nose? and she said "yes, itz gwreen seareal" which at that moment I had figured out since it was neon green. I guess she figured foot loops taste better in the nose, than in the mouth. I really hope this isn't the beginning of many lost objects up the nose.

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