Friday, May 13, 2011

One fish, two fish, red fish......paper napkin????

Maybe just because it was friday and an incredibly beautiful morning, or maybe I just woke up happier from a great day before, but I decided to let Carter and Paige watch finding Nemo on the way to school. I know your laughing, I promise though for Carter getting to watch t.v. in the morning is a big deal. And I must say I was greatly rewarded with some hilarious commentary!  It was still within the first 10 mins. of the movie and Carter chirped up from the back, "Mom, it really is to bad that Nemo doesn't have a mommy anymore. " I said well a lot of people lose their mom when they are little, but at least now Nemo had Dory too. He agreed and asked me "Do you think that Mr. Marlin and Dory end up getting married?" I laughed and said I wasn't sure, and asked him if he thought that since they were two different types of fish if they would get together. He thought for a moment and answered, "Well right now we are only learning about Dinosaurs in science, but maybe next year when I get to second grade we'll learn about fish and I'll let you know then!"  Then a few minutes later he said, "mommy why do they have a fish on here that looks like a paper napkin with stains on it?" That one made me laugh right out loud. But he was really confused and wanted to know why. I tell you only Carter would notice something like that, and describe it in such a way.
Later that afternoon Rob and Carter were out at lunch together and out of the blue Carter blurts "Dad, I totally know what your thinking right now, cause i'm wondering the same thing! I mean do you think Marlin and Dory ever get married? I just don't know! But I think they probably do! Don't you?"

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  1. Hahaha! Carter...I love that kid. He makes me laugh. I sincerely hope he continues to be just as witty as he is at the age of (almost) 8 for the rest of his life. :-)