Monday, December 27, 2010

I'll explain my blog name!

So having 2 younger children, as most of you know can lead to some very interesting statements, explanations, or just dang funny utterances. For example, it is 8:05 a.m and my son Carter who is 7 just came in looking "wild" eyed and bushy tailed said to me " Mom, the craziest thing happened last night, I was wearing school pants and now, (dramatic pause hands motioning toward p.j. pants) I'm wearing army pants. " (shakes his head and walks away). So there you go, i'm assuming he was referring to a dream he had but really you never know.

Basically my husband and I hear the funniest stuff come out of our kids mouth all day long, and you have to understand, Carter doesn't think like normal kids, he really is on a level so far out of our atmosphere that is deserves to be documented. And now my daughter Paige who is 2 year old is getting in on the action, so this is dedicated to them! Plus people are always asking about my family, so I figured this was a kill 2 birds with one stone situation.

While I'm writing this Carter has come in a couple of times to talk to me about Harry Potter, his main question was " Why is Hermione and Ron in Griffindawn." Notice the spelling of the last word. He thinks it's called Griffindawn.

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  1. Hooray for blogs, Griffindawn, Legos, & magic markers!(even when they show up on my bathroom wall)