Friday, December 31, 2010

Doozies from Texas

We decided to go to Texas and surprise robs brother BJ and his family. Btw they had no idea that we were even coming! On the plane ride down there was a pretty bad storm and we were having a lot of turbulence, rob and carter were in the seats in front of me and Paige. As we were about to land it started getting really bumpy! I fouls sorta hear rob laughing in front of me and Carter mumbling a bunch of stuff and rob turned around and tells me, "Carter keeps saying dad when the plane bumps up and down it makes me feel funny. It feels like it's shocking my wiener!"
I do apologize if that offendes anyone but I'm telling u there's never telling what he will say next.

The day after we got there we went to the zoo which btw is awesome Houston zoo rocks! When we left our niece Savannah rode with us and her and Carter were in the back playing police and I picked up a few tid bits. They were laying down the rules for bein a police officer and it goes a little like this. " The thing to being a police is, do not be evil!!! Do not rob banks, and if u see a bad guy run and catch him as fast as u can!"
Those were his exact words, I started writing it down after I heard "don't be evil".

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  1. From Cristi: I wish the world was filled with Carters. It might be a little bit crazy, but we'd all be a lot happier. Love you all!

    From Bree: Carter cracks me up! I love that boy. :) I hope he never changes and keeps his comedic one-liners up. Love you guys!!