Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And I thought Christmas was over!!!

This Morning I was standing in the kitchen over my favorite heating vent reading a bit, when my cutie little Paige came over to me. I had made a little pallet on the floor over our other favorite heating vent, where she had been laying all covered up and until that moment I thought, sleeping! She had her little hands up to her mouth, and was snickering into them! "Mommee, I got a supwise fur you!" I asked her what it was, thinking it was another imaginary animal in her hands or a birthday cake she wanted me to blow the candles out on! She smiled and said "you havfa come here!" So I took her hand and she lead me over to the pallet on the floor and pulled back the covers and yelled "Supwise! Wook what I did fur you! A bit confused at the surprise ( cause all I saw was a big mess of crumbs on her blankets) I asked, Paige is the mess you made me the surprise? She beamed up at me, with all her 3 year old sleepy eyed power and proudly announced "Yess!!! I did it! wook diden I do susha' good job!" I asked her how she had done it? She replied "I got da mini muppins and den I squish em up wike dis, (showing me a crushing motion with her hands) and den I smashem' down here!" pointing down to the stuff on the floor. I couldn't help but laugh, since she was truly very proud of herself! I then lifted up the blanket and saw just how busy she had been! The picture up top gives a very small idea as to the "present" she left me! Hey one man's mess, it another man's present to their mommy! 

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