Friday, December 30, 2011

We came, we saw, we conquered!

The day after Christmas, the whole crew loaded up and headed to Dallas for the BYU bowl game, which if you live under a rock or something and haven't heard yet....... We WON!!!!! Which was good cause it would have been an extremely long flight home otherwise! So the families and players all stayed together in one hotel and it had a great hospitality suite for everyone to go hang out in! The best part of it was chock full of all the goodies, video games, board games, and treats you could ever dream of! The kids were in hog heaven! So most of the time we kinda chilled down there or went to the pool! On last nite there I needed to get all our packing done so I told Carter he could go down by himself for a bit! And when I say by his self, I really mean no mom and dad but under the eye of The Webers super cute daughter KC! So about and hour later Carter is pounding at our room door and I open it up to find him totally red faces and dripping sweat! I asked him what in the world had he been up to? He trudged into the room and dropped himself on the bed, and informed me that him and his little friends were playing tag, but he all the sudden felt like I was probably missing him so he booked it up to the room! I told him to change into his jamma's and lay down to cool off! When I came back into the room he was sitting under the covers with his jammie bottoms and no top cause he was still to hot! I asked him if he wanted a cool rag for his face? He nodded weakly and replied " Mom, look at me! I'm sweating like a beaver !" Then tonite while I was tucking him into bed he was saying his prayers and it went a little like this.... Dear..... Thanks for this day please help us gets home safety,( at which point he looks up a me with a funny grin on his face and say's) "hey wait we are already home safe, so do i need to ask Jesus to just forget what I said or will that Carry over to the next time we travel? " not waiting for my answer he goes on, "and please bless the food and the drink, Umm, that we will be eating tomorrow and, well just bless us that we can sleep good and sound in our beds tonite!" Amen! He then slaps his forehead and says "mom, can i get a mulligan, I did that all wrong!"

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  1. Carter, hahahaha, I love you kid. Never fails to make me laugh. :) Glad you guys made it home safe and for your guys sake, I'm glad BYU won (note, that will be the only time I ever say that, so, commit that to memory). Love you guys!!