Sunday, April 10, 2011

Piggy ride, anyone?

This week was so great not only was I back home and with my kids again, but Carter had spring break so I got to spend some much needed time with my kidos! So I got some really cute stuff from Carter and Paige. Carter lately has been on an inappropriate kick, meaning he has been informing Rob and I on what's inappropriate and what's not. One of the many things on his list has been some apps on his "finger phone" that he's been downloading. I was in my room folding clothes and Carter walked in with a very serious look on his face. He was holding his finger phone and say's to me, while shaking his head, "Mom, I just don't know what to think. I've been downloading apps but I found one that I think is just to inappropriate for someone my age." I told him then he probably shouldn't put it on his phone and he looked at me very knowingly and said "Yeah mom, I think your right, thanks for understanding."

Paige has been equally entertaining this week, Saturday morning Rob and Carter had left earlier in the morning to go to the BYU football clinic for kids so I was home with Paige. I was just sorta hanging out when I hear Paige wake up. At first it's a small little crackly voice, "Dadddieeee" Then another "Daddddiee" followed by "Daddy where are we?" "Daddy where arrrrreeeee we!" About that time I walk in her room and find her leaning over the side of her crib hands outstretched looking back and forth for Rob. I starting laughing and said, "Paige what are you doing?" She looks at me and puts her hands in a questioning motion and say's "Mommieee, I wost dadddiee!" (mommy, I lost daddy!) So I asked her, how did you do that?" she hung her head and said very sadly "mommy I don't know?"

Then today we were all watching Tangled and there is a part where the guards are chasing someone on horse back and Paige starts giggling and say's "Wook Mommy, he wride the piggy! Wook piggy wride the back!" I guess riding a horse is sort of another form of piggy back!

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