Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohhh Toodles!

On the way to school this morning Carter and Paige were in the back watching a Mickey Mouse movie. Which normally in the morning no t.v. is allowed before school, but honestly this morning I was just to tired and lazy to tell them no. So on the Mickey Mouse clubhouse cartoon they have a little character named Toodles, who comes when they are in need of help, but otherwise you never see him. So on the show they called for Toodles, Carter say's
"Mom, how come they never show Toodles any other time? What do you think he's doing?" Of course I told him I had no idea, that he's probably was off playing or something. But that answer wasn't good enough for Carter cause he replied "Naw, I think the reason they don't show him is because he's doing his Mousekersize's!"

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  1. I didn't really understand the context of this story until this weekend when my younger cousins were watching Mickey Mouse. When they called for Toodles, I started to laugh.